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Another ATM damaged

An ATM in Jogjakarta belonging to the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) was set on fire on October 7.
Police are investigating.
According to reports, a message was left at the scene.  A rough English translation follows:

State-corporation-police-military are the real terrorists. “Social insurgency will always continue [as] the sun continues to shine”.

This time we tell you that what we have done is the culmination of our anxiety and anger towards the system.

The very system that worships money, the system that disturbs society with television, so for them to buy things they don’t need so they will continue to work like machines.

The system that forces us and others in society to lose the control of our own life. The system that gives advantage to the bourgeois, the businessmen and the state bureaucrats who have become their allies.

To us, this is not the time to be silent, not the time to watch the television and say that “everything is okay”.

For every oppressions in West Papua. For every oppressions in Kulonprogo. For every historical oppressions in Aceh. For every oppressions in Wera, Bima. For every forced evictions and land grabs in Takalar and Pandan Raya in Makassar.

For every oppressions against our friends who struggle. For Tukijo and other social combatants behind the bars just because they are fighting for their rights. For every concession [sic] in the forest which will destroy the bio diversity in the name of money and business!

And for every prisons that must be burned down flattened to the ground! So long as the state and capitalism remain, THERE WILL BE NO PEACE BETWEEN THOSE WHO HAVE AND THOSE WHO HAVE NOT.

Attacks against financial centres: ATM, banks, corporate buildings are important targets [sic], because they are collaborators that cause the suffering on earth. This is not terrorism because we do not advocate for attack against people.

Terorrism is war between states. Terrorism is [when] rice and foodstuff in your kitchen deplete. Terrorism is uniformed assholes who carry their guns everywhere. Terrorism is the slaughter of the have nots.

So we say: enough! And this is also for you! Those combatants who never give up in their struggle out there, even if you have to be prisoned because of your belief in freedom: Conspiracy cell of fire (Greece), Chile combatants: Tortuga! Lives on! Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Thomas Meyer Falk (Germany) Polikarpus Georgiadis, Revolutionary Straggle! [sic] Respect to combatants from Manado, Makassar and Bandung, you are the inspiration among the helplessness of society and their uncertain life.

“Let the fire burn inside the darkness!” Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – International Revolutionary Front – FAI.

The Jakarta Globe has more here.


September/October 2011 Update

stolen from slackbastard blog

On September 8, 2011, [Indo Mines Ltd] announced that it had “successfully manufactured the first iron ingots” from Kulon Progo. The company also claims that “URS Australia have completed an Initial Environmental and Social Scoping Study that identified no unmanageable community or environmental issues with the development of the Project”, although local farmers–especially members of the PPLP-KP (Paguyuban Petani Lahan Pantai Kulon Progo/Coastal Farmers Association of Kulon Progo)–beg to differ.

Note that members of the local Indonesian ruling elite have significant investments in the project, and critics have been jailed for speaking out against it. In its report ‘Turning Critics into Criminals: The Human Rights Consequences of Criminal Defamation Law in Indonesia’ [PDF], Human Rights Watch notes that “Tukijo, a farmer in Kulon Progo regency of Yogyakarta, was convicted of criminal defamation in January 2010 for asking the head of his sub-district for information about the results of a land assessment”; similar proceedings have been used against other critics in an attempt to intimidate opposition to the project. In May Day of this year, Tukijo was again arrested/kidnapped by police. As I write:

Hunger Strike Continues for Third Day Over Tukijo Arrest
Hangga Brata
Jakarta Globe
September 23, 2011

Six activists camped outside the Yogyakarta provincial legislature marked the third day of their hunger strike on Friday in protest against the detention of Tukijo, a farmer arrested for opposing an iron mine in Kulon Progo in Yogyakarta.

Agung, the strike coordinator, said the mine operated jointly by Australia’s Indo Mines and Jogja Magasa Mining, a local outfit, would deprive farmers in four subdistricts of vast swaths of farmland.

“The mine will reduce the area of rice paddies by 72 percent from the current 4,005 hectares,” he said. “Hundreds or even thousands of farm workers will be rendered jobless.”

He added that more than 21,000 smallholders stood to lose their land if the government allowed the mining operation to expand.

He also called for the immediate release of Tukijo, who was reportedly kidnapped by police while working in his fields in May and since sentenced to three years in prison for disorderly conduct following his vocal opposition to the mine.

“This hunger strike is a real action to support Tukijo and the Kulonprogo people in rejecting the mine,” Agung said…

Further background reading:

The Battle for Bugel’s Sand Treasures
Nivell Rayda& Candra Malik
Jakarta Globe
June 13, 2011