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On March 30, Indo Mines announced to the Australian Stock Exchange that it had entered into an agreement with Japanese corporation Mitsui & Co. “to explore the future development of a pig iron facility at the Iron Project” and another with Indonesian corporation PT Tri Mitra Bayany “to work together in exploring and developing mineral assets in Indonesia with initial emphasis on coal to support Indo Mines future iron making requirements”.

In London…

To Farm or to Die, Resist the Iron Mine! Indonesian Embassy Visit.
solidarity with the people of kulon progo | 21.04.2011

On the afternoon of Thursday the 21st of April 2011 we visited the Indonesian Embassy in London, UK to deliver a letter to the Indonesian Government in Jakarta. This was done in solidarity with the people of Kulon Progo, whose lives and land are threatened by the Iron Sands Mining Project being carried out by the Australian Mining Company PT Indomine and the Indonesian State. We also visited the London offices of the Anglo Pacific Group round the corner in Mayfair to deliver the same letter to be sent to Indonesia and Australia. Anglo Pacific Group holds royalties in PT Indomine…

Earlier in the month, a BCA (Bank Central Asia) ATM in Manado (capital of the North Sulawesi province) was set on fire by arsonists. The action was claimed on behalf of the ‘International Conspiracy for Revenge’ and a letter allegedly written by those responsible stated that the action was taken in opposition to various development projects around Indonesia, including Kulon Progo.

In late March, another ATM was attacked in Makassar (the provincial capital of South Sulawesi).

INILAH.COM, Makassar – Actor combustion BCA ATM machine at Jalan Raya Rappocini, campus of the University of East Indonesia (UIT), Friday (3/25/2011) left a piece of paper containing the message.

Paper bearing the hand [mengenggam] bomb titled “The State, Military and Police Institutions and Terrorist Financier Is Actually”.

Here are the contents of the letter:

PT Indomining (Bima) has carried out brutal repression against local communities, Jogja International Mangasa want to get rid of 30 thousand farmers Kulon Progo. Takalar threatened farmers deprived of land. And all this is done brutally, including shootings, terror, sexual harassment and other persecution we never heard from the media. No wonder that company-bureaucrat-capitalists are not concerned about anything other than just thicken their pockets!”

All of the above article was written with capital letters that are large.

“Our attack against ATM (bank) is an important target because the bank is always involved in the funding of natural resource extraction and suppression of its people on behalf of the capital! We do not intend to hurt anybody, destruction of objects is not violence! There is no forgiveness for the oppressors! There is no forgiveness for state and capitalism!”

Source: Pembakar ATM BCA Tinggalkan Pesan,, March 25, 2011.

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